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Welcome To My Chimera
ROMULOX! YOU! Hello, this is Ludvig's chimera. I hope you have fun. to the left you will see a portrait of christalph my brother. miguel is cool.

this is tooth. brush your teeth christalph.
New Things
8/1 - I edited the site a lot more and added new pages and pictures and a lot of other things. There will be no editing for a little over a week because I will be on vacation in Florida with Chan. E-mail me your ideas to lking104wi@hotmail.com . Thanks, Lewis

7/31 - More editing done today. I made things more clear and added some links and pics and stuff. Enjoy.

7/31 - The National Bridwatchers meets today. I will post the results.

7/30 - This website wuz createdered.
Welcome To My Home Page
This site is in assosiation with the RDA (Roof Dweller's Assosiation) and the creators of http://www.lard.4t.com
this is usually swell

The perks of the Site:
There are no roaches!
Incase you don't know wut they look like; this is roach they're scary. ugly.

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My Get Rich Quick Scheme
To have a blood drive pyramid scheme executed by dracula and his night slaves AND a diet pill pyramid scheme with MC Pee Pants and his demons!

That is how many braindead idiots have been duped into seeing this site since the counter wuz installed on 7/30/03 at 11:00 PM. :)

Hello. This is goblin. His name is Goblin. Dance Goblin dance.

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